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Lynx Magazine

API Management, Microservices, Cloudification, Big Data, Mobile App, and much more!
In our magazine you will find articles on industry news… but also on the growth of our Group and the goals we are achieving

PIC Servizi per l’Informatica becomes part of the Lynx Group

The Lynx Group completes its third acquisition since the entry of FSI, taking 60% of the capital of PIC, an Italian company active in the consulting and IT services market.

Double Consulting becomes part of the Lynx Group

The Lynx Group has completed its second acquisition in less than six months, taking over 90% of the capital of Double Consulting from the Expleo Group.

Insurance On Line becomes part of the Lynx Group

We have enhanced our expertise in Insurance

LYNX is an AWS Select Partner!

A strategic partnership with one of the most important Cloud Providers

Lynx and FSI united for digitalisation

FSI announces that it is joining the Lynx Group


Discover our new exploratory channel!

Smart Working ... there’s no going back

Working and combining professional and private needs? No problem!

Lynx Group sponsors Lorenzo Sonego

Lynx signs three-year sponsorship with number 34 in the ATP ranking

Profesia is WSO2 IAM Partner of the Year 2021

For the second year in a row, Profesia has won the Identity & Access Management Partner of the Year award